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In this day and age, it is incredibly easy to spend the entirety of the day on one of your many devices, whether it be your iPad, phone, computer, or even your T.V. Sometimes I’ll even reflect on my day and realize that I did nothing but stare at the blue-lighted, retina screen display for 8-12 hours; which can be so entrancing at times that we begin to become unaware of the outside world and the hours of entertainment it may be able to offer us. 

The thing is when I try to actually, physically read something instead of my Twitter feed, or the millions of emails lingering in my inbox that I haven’t cleared in months, it feels like it requires an incredible amount of effort. Do you feel the same way, or is it just me? That was a rhetorical question because we’re in the 21st century, but doesn’t this seem like a major issue for the upcoming generations? Don’t get me wrong, I feel great after finishing a major project that took me 8 hours, or winning a game that I’ve been playing all night, but maybe that’s the root of it all. 

I believe it’s safe to say that sometimes we forget the sense of fulfillment that we used to get after doing something that is nothing other than intellectually stimulating, such as reading books. You may be thinking: “No way is he talking about me, I have six audiobooks I’m reading on my phone.” And while I do think that’s great, I would like to challenge you to try picking up your favorite book and physically read; rather than listening to an uncomfortable voice telling you stories. 

You see, I believe that there is something deeper that occurs when we physically read. We center our focus toward comprehending others’ ideas, experiences, fantasies, and proverbs. Others’ insights expand our theory of mind which simultaneously expands our intellectual knowledge and improves brain function. If we all partook in this “old-fashioned” activity daily, or even weekly, what might our lives begin to look like? How might our conversations with others go? What difference would it make towards our perception of the world? It’s so much more than just reading a book. It’s about giving yourself the opportunity to escape from the daily swing of things and open your mind to an entirely new world of knowledge. 

You owe this to yourself. So, I encourage you to begin a new chapter of your life, to read book, expand your mind, and showcase your intellect.


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