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A Process Not So Complex

Posted on: May 15, 2020
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Posted by ADRIAN


Just like most designers, I reach for my pen and pad before tracking the direction of my mouse. Doodling is what sparks the creativeness; honestly, it can be something that doesn’t reflect the subject, it could be minimal, it could be complex. I try not to stress myself out on the first rough sketches of any project. I believe once you become stressed out, it is because you don’t have anything, or you have the ball and the clock is winding down. When you do get to that point, it’s important for me to just walk away.  

Creative process

It is part of the creative process, I tend to switch from project to project, this is the best and easiest way I work. When one thing does not work for a project, it could work for another. Once that lightbulb turns on it’s go time. To me, the designing process is not the hardest, it is the easiest quite frankly. The hardest part is to get that idea. Once I get the idea, it is on to the races. Depending on the deadline, I will sit there for hours: I will listen to music, I will browse in the YouTube wormhole, I look for “inspiration” and by inspiration, I do not only mean digital, but I also look for inspiration all around me. As a creative, we all are different and we all take different routes to get to the finish line. 

Final Outcome

Recently, I had the pleasure of working with a new brand and that brand was “Kind”. Building the identity for this new venture was not like most. The reason I say that is because it was something I was intrigued and stoked for. Building an identity for start-ups is exciting because there’s no tradition yet. I can honestly sit back and watch it grow and come to fruition. Being no stranger to the culture Kind is in, I knew what the consumer loves and wants. That is half the battle when it comes to creating for a brand, knowing their audience! Another key element is knowing the competition, knowing who’s in your lane and who isn’t. So before you go download a font off of Dafont.com, please do your research first and pick up a pen/pencil.

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