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Why Us?

Pulse Marketing is more than just a company. We aren’t just interviewing you for a job; we are getting to know you to help you find your perfect place amongst our rag-tag team of insanely talented individuals. This is not your average 9-5 desk job, and we aren’t like any other marketing agency. This is an organization dedicated to serving the businesses of our communities and helping them grow to fulfill their potential. Every move we make is filled to the brim with heart, and we pour ourselves into every project. Ready to be a part of a team that does everything differently?

We Live Our Core Values

Team Choice Awards


We are constantly striving to give back to our team in big and small ways — this is one of the big ones. As a team, we are constantly recognizing one another for going above and beyond and living by our cultural beliefs, and at the end of the year, we total up our recognitions, and the person with the most is our Team Choice winner. The winner of the Team Choice Award gets a paid vacation anywhere in the world! Our past team choice winners have had beautiful vacations in places like Hawaii and Paris, France. It’s incredibly rewarding and exciting to send our team off on the vacations of their dreams, and we look forward to it every year.

2018 Winner Elizabeth

2019 Winner Courtney

Perks and Benefits


4-Day Work Week

Our 8am-6pm 4 day work week means you’ll get a restful 3-day weekend, every week. With increased productivity, and a healthier work-life balance, you’ll fall in love with the Pulse schedule.

Generosity Hours

Each team member gets up to 10 paid hours of volunteer time per quarter, to give them the opportunity to serve their non-profit of choice.

Gym Membership

Gym rats, here’s another reason to apply. To encourage a healthy lifestyle and get rid of the desk job blues, we’ll reimburse you for the monthly cost of your gym membership up to $300 per year.

Health Coverage

Our health benefits package is offered to all new hires within 90 days of their first day! We cover up to 75% of the premium for your dependents.

Openings and Opportunities

We’re Not Always Hiring But When We Are…

While we work like a well-oiled machine, we are made up of many different, unique, and talented individuals who seamlessly collaborate to deliver hard-hitting and heartfelt marketing. While we are all one big team, we are also broken down into smaller teams; Intelligence, Creative, and Experience, with individual positions landing within any one team. We are looking to include people in our family who are like us; relentless, servant-hearted, people who love people, and with their own special story to tell.