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Community At Heart – Supporting the Cornerstones of our Community

Posted on: June 7, 2022
Blog Image - Supporting the Cornerstones of our Community

Posted by Arielle

Giving back to our community is one of our favorite parts of working with small businesses. Expanding our reach to parts of our city and surrounding sites that could use our support is such a blessing. Over the past year, we have had the honor of donating both physical and financial gifts and donating our time to various nonprofit organizations that we believe to be the cornerstone of our community. We want to take this opportunity to shine a light on these organizations so that you can get to know them!


1. The Padre Foundation

Every November, which is diabetes awareness month, we partner with Pro-Craft Construction to support The Padre Foundation – a nonprofit organization supporting children diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and their families. The Padre Foundation supports families who need help getting the supplies they need to manage their child’s diabetes, educational resources, and a diabetes-safe summer camp to help kids feel like kids rather than feel held back by their diagnosis. 


2. Starts with Arts

Starts with Arts is a nonprofit organization meant to support the low-income families in the San Fernando Valley, founded by one of our former team members, David. Around Christmas time, the team banded together and spent our night wrapping Christmas gifts to donate to children and their families. In addition, Starts with Arts has donated bikes and fostered a community in the valley around creating art and ensuring youth in the community have access to art programs that sometimes get cut from public school funding. 


3. Bought Christmas gifts for kids for Hera Hub

Hera Hub is our current communal office space in Murrieta! It is centered around women-owned businesses and allows us the opportunity to come together physically despite not having a private office space. Also, around the holiday season, Hera Hub partnered with MSJC to purchase gifts for children in need to give back to those in need during a challenging season and the tail end of the pandemic. Pulse was incredibly lucky to participate in the gift drive and make the holidays a more joyful time by donating $500 towards gifts.


4. Kamali’i

Kamali’i is one of our treasured clients and an incredible resource for foster children and parents in the local community. They have programs designed to serve youth needing intensive treatment and behavioral support with individualized services they need in a home-based family care setting! The programs include an Independent Living Program that offers support, guidance, and assistance to youth in developing their individual goals, transitional housing placement programs, resource parent support, and more. 


5. Firefighters Mental Health Foundation

The Chino Valley Fire Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the public’s life, safety, and welfare through educational programs, direct assistance, and financial support from charitable organizations, victims of tragic events, and injured firefighters. We donated $200 to the Chino Firefighters Foundation for Mental Health to support the well-being of firefighters who risk their lives to keep the Chino community safe. 


6. The Richard Mead foundation

We donated $200 to the Richard Meads Foundation for Richard’s daughter, Owlyn. This charity is committed to empowering youth to have crisis free lives, strong families, and excellent education that will help them thrive and succeed in society. 


7. Children’s Books Santa Run

In December 2021, Creative Director Elizabeth participated in a 5K Santa Run with loved ones–while wearing Santa Clause costumes! In addition, our team donated and purchased children’s books to help raise money for children in need and ensure everyone received Christmas gifts. 


8. Angel’s Touch Charity

We made a $100 donation on behalf of Tammera and Jeff Hamner to Angel’s Touch Charity to get Jeff a new liver. Angel’s Touch provides financial aid or support for exceptional need cases within the community in many different ways. Jeff has been undergoing treatment to reduce his ammonia levels and septic numbers. During this whole process, despite his MELD score being 28, placing him at the top of the list, he is not eligible for the transplant until he has been free of sepsis for two whole weeks. Tammera is the only one working in the family, and although they have the financial help of a disability check, it’s just not enough to cover the upcoming medical expenses that incur. They’re still collecting donations on Jeff’s behalf, and all your contributions are 100% tax deductible. At the very least, we ask for your continued prayers for Jeff’s recovery and for him to be able to obtain a new liver soon.


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