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How We Optimize Productivity at Home

Posted on: August 24, 2021
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Posted by Arielle

How we optimize productivity at home ultimately determines how well our workday will go. Here at Pulse, your favorite Temecula Marketing company, everyone creates a professional sanctuary in their own unique way, but if we can all agree on one thing–it’s that optimizing productivity at home affects our workflow, the metrics of how much work gets done in a day, and most importantly, the quality of a completed task.

Therefore, to reach peak productivity, you need the following: an ergonomic desk set-up, the miracle of technology, and special gadgets that suit your unique needs.

But first: how we optimize our productivity at home was impacted by Covid-19.

The main challenge in-office workers faced during the global pandemic was learning how to stay productive while working from home. Although remote positions have many great peaks, it can be an obstacle creating a productive environment because not every person has an open office space ready to go. Therefore, we make up for it with our tech, gadgets, and other items to optimize productivity at home.

Luckily, however, in this day and age, how we optimize productivity at home is an easy task thanks to the following items:

The miracle of technology

One of the best things about our generation is that we have access to numerous tools and resources that are technologically advanced and driven. They may seem like mundane everyday items, but they benefit us in so many ways.

Noise-canceling headphones or earbuds

Barking dogs? Screaming children? No problem. Tune out the world with noise-canceling headphones or earbuds. Rather than the stressful environment that exists in the external world, you can stay in a productive zone by listening to ambient noise or the soothing sounds of your favorite music. Silence is a luxury–and sometimes, we may not have that depending on the people and animals that live with us or disrupt the peace and quiet of our neighborhood. However, you can at least create a mental space in your head that is primed for productivity.

Productivity-oriented software

Pulse thrives on four main software programs: Asana, Slack, Everhour, and Google Drive–and we couldn’t recommend them enough.

Asana: Opt for streamlining all your tasks into one place, so you never miss an assignment or deadline again. At Pulse, we use Asana to keep everyone on the same page of a task’s current progress. Thanks to all its features, we can simply check off a task once it’s completed, which will inform management that a task is ready for review without saying a word. Asana saves the extra minute of you typing out the same thing: “I’m done! What can I do now?”. Furthermore, Asana lays out all your tasks for the day, week, month, and rest of the year, so you’ll never be lost on what to tackle as your next priority.

Slack: We mainly communicate via Slack. Since we can no longer poke one another in person, this software allows us to quickly exchange files, ask rapid-fire questions, and stay updated on the tasks for every client in their designated channels, so the whole team is aware.

EverHour: This time-tracking software is straightforward and easy to use. It integrates with Asana to encourage better time management practices since you can see how much time you spend on a single project and better approach a similar one in the future.

Google Drive + Meet: Last but not least, Google gets a special shoutout. Thanks to Google Drive, we can store documents in a single location that the whole team can access. Subsequently, Google Meet is perfect for saying hello to colleagues and digitally meeting with clients face-to-face. It’s not Zoom, but it’s easy and free.

An ergonomic desk set-up that is both beneficial and aesthetically pleasing

Besides promoting functionality, your workspace should be an enjoyable place to be.
The majority of your day is spent there, so don’t hesitate to give it a splash of personality through colors, artwork, or a family of plants. Setting up an ergonomic workstation is your chance to bring those Pinterest dreams to life!

The desk itself

A desk is the foundation of your professional sanctuary, and it’s a priority to keep clean and organized at all times. Elevate your laptop or monitor to eye level and invest in wrist cushions to prevent unnecessary strain from creating branding and logo packages, web design, and web design for marketing collateral or typing away for a blog article assignment. Give yourself enough space to layout stationery, to-do lists, and any other office-friendly item that suits your needs too!

The chair + back & foot support

If your body is aching in any way after the end of your shift, reflect on how you sit or stand throughout the day. It’s normal to slouch as the day goes on because you want to be comfortable, and sometimes you may not even recognize that your limbs go all over the place. Therefore, invest in a chair that supports your back for long periods. Bonus points if it can come with a footrest to keep the blood flowing in your feet.

Accommodating office gadgets and goods

We know that utilizing technology to our advantage and elevating our deskspace will inevitably improve our workflow, but relying on gadgets that accommodate your specific needs also saves time and prevents disruptions.

Tumbler cup or flask

Do you always need a refreshing, cold drink? Keep your hydration source within arms reach with a tumbler cup or flask to reduce the amount of time you spend getting up. Those minutes matter in the long run! Furthermore, if you need to drink more water in general, tumbler cups and flasks are built to promote hydration because you can’t help but take one more sip!

Heated coaster

Whether you’re a coffee, tea, or hot chocolate person, a heated coaster guarantees you will have a cozy beverage always at the ready–regardless of how much time has passed. Sometimes, we get lost in a complex project and forget that we brewed a cup of our favorite drink an hour ago. But with a heated coaster, that drink will maintain the same temperature of heat like it was freshly made.

At the end of the day, your workspace always impacts your workflow. You will find that after being intentional with how you set up a workspace at home will optimize your productivity and maintain your consistent performance.

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