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Advertising That Moves

Posted on: September 15, 2019
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Posted by KJ

There are over 1 billion mobile device owners in the world spending an average of four hours a day using them. As a business owner, how can you grab their attention while they are scrolling during that time? What if there was a creative option that could make your advertisements stand out from the rest? The answer is video. Potential customers are more inclined to engage with advertisements that have movement rather than still imagery. What’s even more exciting is the various types of videos available. Today’s technology offers multiple options of formats for creating advertising videos that keep you relevant in the digital community.

Top 3 Video Styles

The 3 most effective video content: customer testimonials, tutorials, and demonstration. Understanding the difference between these three may help you get on the right track to choosing the right video style for your next big advertisement.

Everyone loves a good story, especially one they can relate to. What better way to get your potential clients excited about your business than positive words from their peers? When you use testimonials, they create a trustworthy trait for your business. People want to know that they can use a company they know and can trust. Hearing how other customers had a good experience with your business establishes that trust.

As a consumer culture, we value our time. Imagine saving potential clients time when learning how to use your product with a quick and informative tutorial rather than a confusing and underwhelming print manual. This would provide visual guidance that’s easy to follow and even easier to share with others. When users are sharing your videos it is exciting, because it is spreading information about your business organically.

Consumers want to know how your goods will fit into their lifestyle. A demonstration video allows them to see how your products or services can fit into their everyday life. If they are interested in your business and how it works for them, they can get their friends excited. This opens the possibility of more money coming in for you.

Timing Is Everything

Not sure if you want to include so much info into your videos? Just make something interesting that will get viewers diving a little deeper into your culture. As they learn more about you, they will be more inclined to start purchasing from you. It all starts with an attention-grabbing video that stops the scroller in their tracks. Micro-videos are a good solution for this.

These micro-videos are really successful with millennial buyers. In their fast-paced lifestyle, this is a quick way to engage them as consumers. This method does not mean that you neglect the traditional 30-second video. Another thing to keep in mind for these short videos is to create something that can generate attention without sound. Most mobile users are navigating without any sound on.

Sharing is Caring

User-created videos are also excellent to use when marketing. Getting everyday people to make their own footage giving props to your company is great. This benefits both the user and the company. The user feels they have a voice as a consumer and you as the business save time and money by having an outside resource creating video content reflecting your business.

The Future is Bright..and Three-Dimensional

As you begin to use more video for digital advertising efforts, don’t forget to keep your eyes on the future. Virtual reality will be evolving bringing new creative methods when communicating with people, especially with virtual reality devices being more available to everyday consumers of all ages. Another future element of video is augmented reality. Think of a home decor site allowing users to drag and drop images of furniture to get a preview of what products would actually look like in their home.

With the constantly evolving world of digital marketing, a good way to stay relevant is to include videos in your advertising realm. Not sure which video formats are right for you? Give us a call today and we can help. Here at Pulse Marketing, we have the heart to take your business to the next level.







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