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The Benefits of Hiring Onshore Marketing Services Versus Offshore

Posted on: September 21, 2021
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Posted by Arielle

The benefits of onshore marketing services versus offshore services will always deliver quality over quantity results. That’s why trusting a marketing agency to place your company as an industry leader is one of the most pivotal business decisions any founder can make.

Marketing teams have the power to bridge the emotional gaps between you and your target market–or promote further separation. Utilizing proper marketing and advertising services and strategies is vital to any business’s profitable growth and success. Without it, no one would learn about the products or services you offer that are superior to the competition.

What is an onshore vs. offshore marketing service?

It’s simple! An onshore marketing service is a domestic agency that offers marketing and advertising services locally and within your geographical area, such as Pulse, your favorite Temecula marketing company offering Temecula web design services! On the other hand, an offshore marketing agency provides the same services from different countries. The key differences between onshore and offshore marketing services are the prices and the speeds at which work is completed.

But remember: marketing strategies should never be executed under half-measures.

Although saving on business expenses is a priority for any entrepreneur, your marketing strategy is an area that should never be compromised in terms of quality. While the idea of hiring an offshore marketing service may sound ideal:

  • They are priced less than domestic professionals.
  • Their turnaround time can be quick.
  • There are undeniably reliable people all over the world–but their cons far outweigh their pros.

The dream = work that is fast, good, and cheap. The reality = it doesn’t exist.

First, with time being an equally precious currency to business owners, we know that finishing our responsibilities as an online marketing company within an allotted time frame is non-negotiable. Despite the fact, completing fast work focuses more on completing the number of content pieces and collateral requested as a first priority, where the quality comes second or not at all.

Second, good work takes time because it is intentionally created. At Pulse, we respect your time and know that to truly create a marketing campaign that brings long-term impact and value for an audience. We take each step with consideration, while yes, thus resulting in a fraction more turnaround time than offshore services, our work demonstrates several key elements:

  1. An understanding of your target market and audience
  2. A careful curation of copy to align with the tone of your brand voice
  3. Graphics and web design that complements not only copy but the overall visual branding strategy to attract and engage new and returning customers
  4. The result of multiple revisions and rounds of feedback to ensure that every element created meets a client’s expectations for marketing collateral

Third, good work is never cheap–and that is a fact. If good work is being produced, then it means the people who create it are qualified, experienced, and experts in their field. These individuals who know the ins and outs of their designated job positions and can execute their duties without fail. Moreover, because they bring immense value to the agencies they work at, they naturally have a higher market value because they are employees any respectable agency would want to hire and keep on their team for the long run. Therefore, an onshore marketing service is still the best option for creating a successful marketing strategy.

Onshore marketing services meet the foundational components of high-quality work and streamline the marketing process for you more easily.
The smallest details make the biggest impact.

To start, the agencies in your area are practically next-door neighbors, meaning you can quickly call them or set up a meeting in person. On the other hand, an offshore marketing agency may not be available to you at all times due to time zone differences, which can impact response and production times. In addition, asking an offshore marketing agency to make last-minute changes would be challenging since you have to operate with them on a strict schedule.

Feedback and conversations can also get lost in translation overseas. Clarifying your needs is essential in communication, especially for B2B transactions. This leaves more room for mistakes, disconnects, and misunderstandings, leading to wasted time and money spent in the wrong direction of a project. You may sometimes never see what an offshore marketing agency is producing until they present the final product to you.

Another advantage that onshore services provide is allowing you to explore the portfolio of a marketing agency trusted in your geographical locations. You can reference the reviews that clients of a promising agency have left behind–and even get in touch with them, network with multiple onshore marketing agencies at a time, and grasp a solid perspective on the marketing agency that seems most promising to you.

Lastly, and hopefully, you never face this circumstance: approaching legal issues with an offshore marketing company are inherently more complicated than that of an onshore marketing agency. You share the same laws and regulations with any onshore service, but you will have to undergo differences with offshore service providers. These cases can prove to be unnecessarily long and tedious, ending up costing you more money and the loss of time and prospective customers.

If you want to get to your customer’s heart, you need to start connecting with them on where their heart is first: home.

That value that an onshore marketing agency, such as Pulse, provides is a personalized client experience that focuses on meeting your needs and expectations–and this can only be achieved if the marketing team is right at your side.

On the surface, marketing can appear to be a component of business that attracts customers through aesthetically pleasing graphics and cleverly written content–which is all true. Still, you must remember that the work, time, and effort it took to create everything is what ultimately makes them successful.

You have to ask yourself: “Can I still deliver the same emotional impact and quality presentation of my brand with an offshore marketing agency versus an onshore one?”

Of course, you can! But that is never a guarantee; there are a number of hoops to jump through and serious trust needs to be implemented. Why take any risk when everything you need is exactly where you are already?


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