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The Benefits of Small Marketing Agencies

Posted on: November 6, 2023

Posted by Ashley

Recently, my house had a plumbing disaster and after an hour of being lost in the aisles of the well known hardware store, I finally found the part I needed. When I spotted an employee on the aisle, I stopped them to ask for their advice between two products. The employee informed me they didn’t know anything about the plumbing department but would send someone else who did. I waited and waited, but no help ever came. I ended up buying both parts, but like all home repair sagas, I needed additional parts and expertise. 

That’s when I decided to hit up a little mom-and-pop hardware store that was about 20 minutes out of the way. The experience there was totally different. I was greeted immediately as I entered the building; the employee led me to the plumbing department and then personally led that department’s resident expert to me. The gentleman who helped me had been in the plumbing industry for 40 years and now worked here part-time for fun. He anticipated my questions, offered creative solutions to the problem, and even showed me a few workarounds to help lower the overall cost. He even handed me a few business cards for reliable plumbers in the area that he personally knew and trusted. I walked out of the store totally confident in fixing my plumbing issue, and in fact, I did.

These two experiences couldn’t have been any more of a contrast. The thing is, I get why the big box store operates the way it does; it’s a giant store that needs employees to work it. There’s nothing wrong with that! I was able to get what I needed there for a decent price. I left a happy customer whose problems had been solved.

But the second experience was night and day. And it got me thinking about how one of the biggest benefits of small businesses is the small part. Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, but they also have the ability to create something a little extra, a little magical almost. The same is true for small Marketing Agencies as it is for Small Hardware stores. So here’s our top 5 benefits you’ll get when you work with a small Marketing Agency


The health of any organization comes down to the culture of the workplace. While large corporations also know this, the reality is it’s much harder to keep track of and promote that culture in a larger organization. There are so many players, disconnected departments and divisions, and bottom lines to contend with, and that means that often– not always– culture suffers.

The reality of a small business is that the workplace culture is much easier to actively live out. You have a small team, and it’s easy to identify who isn’t upholding the culture. But beyond that, small businesses have to work as a team, they have to live by the culture in order to work with each other day in and day out. And the truth is, it’s easier to see the benefits of a healthy work culture in a small business. 

When it comes to Marketing Agencies, they know that their culture will speak to the kind of clientele they attract and the long-term relationships they can forge. There’s a certain motivation to live out the values and culture of the agency. And not just because it helps keep the business running but because small agencies can be particular about who they hire. Only so many positions are available, so those are more likely to go to individuals who genuinely live out those cultural values. That’s not just what attracts the clients but the employees as well. 

All this is to say that when you hire a small marketing agency, you’re far more likely to get a team that genuinely works and lives by the values they promote as a business.


We’ve talked about this before, but we genuinely believe that small agencies are the perfect place for creativity to bloom and blossom. Small agencies get to be specific about the kind of talent they bring on and are often more willing to hire young, passionate people full of ideas. And those individuals are usually more willing to take calculated risks with their creativity.

Where a larger agency might only take on clients that fit with their established vision, small agencies are far more likely to take on clients from varied backgrounds that pose a creative challenge for their team. Small agencies are more likely to work outside the box to help innovate for their clients and to push their own creative limitations.


While small agencies might sometimes be more expensive than larger ones, flexibility is the biggest benefit they offer financially. Small agencies are far more likely to be upfront and honest about the cost of projects and far less likely to nickel and dime their clients. Because their relationships are built on trust, there’s less of a chance of hidden fees.

But beyond that, small agencies get it when it comes to money. They’re a small business, too. This means they’re far more likely to work with you on your budget and find creative ways to provide you with the services you need without going over that budget. They’re also more likely to help you create a game plan that stretches your budget, focusing on top-priority items and channeling budget dollars toward that end.


The heart of small agencies is to not just work for their clients but to work with their clients. This means that small agencies, while experts in their field, aren’t going to come in and steamroll you with their ideas and agendas. They will research your business and learn the ins and outs of your field to make a plan that works for you. They will ultimately rely on your expertise and defer to your preferences.

But that’s also what makes working with a small agency fun! They want to see you thrive, so they’re willing to collaborate in new and exciting ways to help you reach your goals. While they might be the marketing experts, they know that you are the only expert on your business and that your insight is your most valuable asset. Small agencies love getting to help your vision come to life, which means they value your ideas just as much as their own.

Quick Turnaround

Efficiency is the name of the game for small agencies. Because their teams are typically limited in size, you often find multi talented team members who can step in to get work done. And while some might worry that means the quality of the work suffers, that isn’t statistically the case! Smaller teams require a lot more trust and reliability. The team at a small agency is much more likely to co-collaborate, get others’ opinions on the work, and utilize their other team member’s skills to ensure the work they’re turning out is efficient and excellent.

The other thing about small agencies and turnaround time is that they tend to be flexible. Meaning that they can easily pivot when something comes up as a high priority. They can focus their whole team so all hands are on deck to ensure the product or project you need is done right and on time.

No matter what kind of agency you go with, the goal is to find one that works for and with you. So, if you’re wondering if Pulse might be the small agency for you, we’d love to get in touch!

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