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All Purpose Fundraising

Posted on: March 10, 2021
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Posted by MARLEY

When the Pulse Team first met All Purpose Fundraising, they came to us in the form of a one-minute video. Mark Clark’s face popped up on the screen to tell us all about All Purpose Fundraising, and we started to get excited about working with such an incredible company, with a very clear passion for serving their community. We chose them as the winners of our #CommunityAtHeart Giveaway and jumped right into turning their brand upside down.

As we learned more about the company we would come to work with, it was clear that their team is full of passionate individuals. They work with an app that is designed to allow the community to support and fundraise for their local schools through trying times, like COVID-19. Partnering with over 300 retail and grocery stores, consumers can save their payment information to the app and shop for their essentials like normal. Every time they pay with the app, a percentage of their purchase goes directly to the school, with no extra strain on the community’s pockets. 

We immediately started working on a new logo to represent their brand and the love they have for the community. Our designer created something truly incredible, and the rebranding process began. Our creative writer worked to spice up their email drip campaign, to let schools and other organizations know that they were reaching out to offer a genuine service. Additionally, we updated their website and worked to make everything user-friendly and easy to navigate. Our shared heart of community truly shined through every aspect of this project, and our entire team feels very blessed to have been introduced to Mark and All Purpose Fundraising. 

It was very rewarding to work on this project. Knowing that what we are doing will make this app more accessible to so many schools and programs that may desperately need it due to COVID-19 and closures made the work all the more enjoyable. The knowledge that All Purpose Fundraising was receiving these services from us at no cost was even better. We are so proud of all of the work that All Purpose Fundraising has done and continues to do.

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