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What I’ve Learned While Working at Pulse

Posted on: March 16, 2020
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Posted by MARLEY

Culture may not be the top priority for every company—but at Pulse, its importance is instilled into everyone’s memory from day one. Memorization of our culture cards will get you a Starbucks gift card, and our spotlights and recognition are based on our 7 cultural beliefs. Pulse’s cultural beliefs and the practice of them relate directly to our successful communication, which is one of the things that allows us to succeed. Here are a few of the things that almost 8 months of being a Pulse team member has taught me.

How to exchange feedback

Working for a marketing agency means that it is necessary for all of the work we do to be the best possible quality for our clients, and sometimes content has to undergo some pretty hefty changes to meet the client’s needs. When addressing changes or issues with content, feedback is key. It’s important for both parties of the conversation to know that although criticism may be exchanged, it is always in the best interest of the client, and you as a team are working towards their satisfaction.

One of our most important cultural beliefs is embracing feedback with L.U.V; which is not just a super cute quote, but an acronym that stands for “listen, understand, validate”. This is a crucial process when it comes to feedback, which can sometimes be hard to stomach as a creative. When presented with feedback, it’s important to really take it in, to comprehend what is being asked of you, and to repeat back to your team the feedback that was given to let them know you understand and are willing to implement it. This translates from professional to personal relationships as well. Feedback and the process of accepting it is a cornerstone of successful communication.

Company culture changes a work experience

Having a strong positive company culture can completely change everything about your job. It influences the way that team members interact on all levels and makes the overall environment a much more enjoyable one. Our company culture encourages collaboration and helps infuse passion into our work, making the job all the more enjoyable. Ask any Pulse team member (even off the record) and they’ll tell you how much they love their job. Most of the positive views surrounding our workplace comes directly from having such a strong company culture. It shapes the work environment, for better or for worse, so it’s important to be aware of the culture you’re creating for your team, whether that culture is documented and encouraged or unspoken.

Work can be fun

Yes it is work. Yes, I do struggle to wake up early. But working for Pulse has been the most fun job I could have imagined. Communication is efficient and simple, the culture is welcoming and encouraging, and the team members quickly become your friends. My job is fun! That is something I know I am very lucky to say. Being a Pulse team member means something. “Copywriter” means I am the first step in the ladder of a client getting the ads they want, the website they’ve always dreamed of, or the creative services they need. Work may be work, but with Pulse work is fun.

Looking to implement a solid culture in your workplace? Try coming up with a few cultural beliefs! In my time at Pulse, the lesson that has stuck with me the most is the value of working in a company that has and implements strong cultural beliefs. This leads to improved communication and easy collaboration.


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