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Why Your Voice Matters

Posted on: May 26, 2020
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Posted by MARLEY

What is your brand’s voice

Not your actual voice, although I’m sure we would love to hear it, but your brand’s voice. A voice is what makes your ads and social posts appealing to the specific customers you are trying to reach, and it must attract your target audience. Knowing your brand’s voice is essential to getting the content you need. If your brand is geared towards a younger audience, your voice may be more lighthearted, conversational, and fun. If your target audience is highly educated, you may need a more professional and knowledgeable voice. Whatever your target audience is, your brand should have a distinct voice that helps tell your consumers who you are.

What to consider when creating your brand’s voice

At Pulse, we believe that true marketing comes from the heart, and this is true for your brand’s voice as well. Before you can find your voice, you need to truly understand the heart of your company; which is your purpose, your mission statement, your vision, and your core values. When creating your voice, you should keep these in mind. Your heart truly explains who you are as a brand, and your voice is simply the way you communicate that. 

Target audience

Knowing your target audience is the next step. Decide on the gender, age group, education level, marital status, and income level of your target audience. Then try to find someone within your company or who you know personally that fits into all or most of those categories. Pitch your product or service to them and be mindful of the language that you’re using. Is your tone professional and serious, or is it more lighthearted and playful? How do you want your customers to view your brand? Are you family-friendly? These are all important questions to consider when you’re first trying to find your voice. 

Use it or lose it

Now, use your voice! Make social media posts, run ads, and keep your voice and tone consistent. This is also the time to find what voice actually speaks best to your audience, and it may not have been the first one you landed upon. Above all else, make sure your voice rings true to who you are as a brand and stays authentic throughout the process of finding what works best for you. Your voice will attract people who share your values and will work best with your company. Good luck and happy voice finding!

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