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Creating Relationships With Your Clients

Posted on: January 18, 2021
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Posted by Baylee
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It is essential for any business to develop positive, long-term relationships with your clients and customers. Creating these relationships allow for a higher probability of repeat business and satisfied customers who might recommend your company, products, or service to a colleague, or even another company leading to new business. But the real question is: How does one create that relationship with a client?

While working at Pulse Marketing I had to quickly learn how to become used to the idea of being the main point of contact with our clients. I have learned a few things about how to establish that relationship with a client so that when an issue does arise they trust that you can solve the problem quickly and the client knows that you have their back. Here are a few tips I use when working on building a meaningful relationship with a client.


This is rule number 1 when it comes to client relationships. Keeping the client or customer consistently updated on their projects or status of a product could come a long way in developing a positive relationship with them. But it shouldn’t stop there. Check-in on them frequently and when necessary provide feedback. Staying on top of this allows for a smoother discussion when you have to break the news that a project will not be completed by the original due date.

Stay Positive

We all know there are stressful days when there just isn’t enough time in the day to complete all your client’s requests, but this isn’t the time to place blame or get frustrated. Yes, it is very possible that they are asking for too much at one time, but you just have to remain positive and realize that your client needs to answer to the demands of their business as well. Take things one step at a time and if necessary, communicate with them and establish a priority list of items to get done.

Exceed Expectations

When a client requests a new project and you provide them with the estimated time of delivery or completion, this is your opportunity to try and go above and beyond. Completing a project earlier than expected or with additional assets they did not expect is a perfect way to show that you are committed to working with them. A little saying we like here at Pulse is, “under-promise and over-deliver.”

Be Positive

It’s important to always remain positive when talking to your client. As stressed out or overwhelmed you might be, never let that show with your clients. Try to show confidence, in yourself and in the work or service you provide. Your client will give you that same energy back and in turn, create that positive working relationship.

Share Knowledge

If your client is coming to you it’s likely to assume that they are not experts in your field and are seeking your professional ideas and knowledge to elevate their business. It’s possible that your client may feel unknowledgeable and become disconnected from the project. Try to help them understand what you will be doing for them, why it’s important that it’s done, and explaining the entire process step by step. This allows your client to become more involved and feel as if they are always in the loop.

Of course, there are many other ways to establish a positive relationship with your client or customer. These are just a few that I have seen to be successful. Overall, clients really just want to work with someone that not only can provide great work, but someone who is honest, loyal, and accountable. If you focus on those key steps you are sure to be successful. Good luck!



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