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Go Outside and Read a Book

Posted on: January 25, 2021
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Posted by Marley

You heard me. How long have you been in front of your computer screen? Two hours… three? Even the fancy blue light glasses you ordered off of Amazon can’t save your eyeballs from that. So take a deep breath, stretch, pick up a book (yes, it’s okay to read fiction), and get your butt outside…

Still here?

Okay keep reading then, and when you’ve finished, then take your book outside. We entered the new year in a pretty weird place. So many people were celebrating the end of the most hellish 366 days anyone has ever experienced, but I was stuck with the sinking feeling that tomorrow was just that… tomorrow. Just another day, not a new year, but just day 367 if you will.

How pessimistic and depressing.

I woke up on January 1, 2021, with that mindset and thought: “I am the only person who can make this year feel like a new year for myself”. And so I took myself to Barnes and Nobles, went inside, and grabbed the first books I could find that sparked my interest, and I didn’t care if they were fiction, or if they would make me look smart, or anything like that. I just grabbed what I thought I would like and went home and read.

Don’t let 2020 last for 731 days. End it today. Wake up in the morning and take care of yourself, even though it’s easy to feel like the world is on fire. Practice gratitude every day, first thing in the morning, until it becomes a habit to wake up feeling thankful. If you’re like me, you spent every second of the past year refreshing your news app and staying glued to your preferred channel. Take a step back, for your own good. Dive into the world of literature, allow yourself to be surrounded by nature.

Go outside and read a book. Or walk your dog or cat. Or sit and feel the wind against your skin. Humans likely were not created to sit at a desk for their lives and wither in front of a blue lighted screen. Take the occasional break. Your older self will thank you for it when they look back on your life.

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