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Why You Need a Facebook Pixel

Posted on: January 11, 2021
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Posted by Elizabeth
Pulse Marketing - Our Team Elizabeth

Regardless if you aren’t currently running or planning to run Facebook ads, you should still connect a Facebook Pixel to your website and/or landing pages as soon as possible. The Facebook Pixel will help collect crucial user data that will help you get the most out of your future advertising, whether you are trying to enhance your brand awareness, increase your following, gain leads, or boost conversions for your business.

Facebook Pixel: What is it?

The Facebook Pixel is a code that you place on your website that collects data to help you track your website audience’s behaviors. The Facebook Pixel is able to see who is viewing your website, what pages they are viewing, what actions they are taking, have they added anything to their cart, have they requested an assessment…etc.

All this information is absolutely crucial to start collecting as soon as possible. Whether you are barely launching your website or have had your website for years, it’s time to add the Facebook Pixel to your website and start collecting data.

The more data you have the better, so whether you currently plan on advertising through Facebook or not, it’s better to be prepared for the potential future than to be at a disadvantage later on.

Benefits of the Facebook Pixel:

If you follow my advice and install the Facebook Pixel to your website here are the benefits you can expect when you decide to start running Facebook and Instagram ads for your business.

1. Custom Audiences (Hot Leads) – With all the data the Facebook Pixel has collected you can retarget your current audience based on any specific actions they have taken on your website.

For example, if you have an e-commerce store you are now able to specifically target your current customers who have visited your website, added to their cart, initiated checkout…etc. This makes upselling or increasing conversions so much easier because when a customer that is already familiar and interested in your brand sees your ad they are more likely to engage with your ad and complete a conversion.

2. Lookalike Audiences – Besides being able to retarget your current visitors you will have data to be able to target new customers who are similar to your current visitors. This enhances your chances of acquiring new customers since they are people who would be more likely to like your brand, services, and/or products.

3. Optimization of Ads for Conversions – Having sufficient data collected from the Facebook Pixel is key to optimizing your ads. This data allows Facebook to show your ads to the users who are most likely to convert from your ad but in order to know that it needs your website data to be able to pinpoint the right people who would respond well to those ads.

Overall, it is advantageous to always collect data and insights from your website whether it is from other advertising platforms like Google or social media platforms like Facebook. The only reason I strongly advise to install a Facebook Pixel over other platforms is due to Facebook’s accuracy in utilizing data to present your ads to the best possible matches. Without a Facebook Pixel, it will take longer to gather sufficient data while running Facebook and Instagram ads, but if you already have months or years worth of data then it will allow your advertising campaigns to run a lot smoother and have better results.

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