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Get Over Your Fear of Failure

Posted on: December 3, 2020
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Posted by Marley

Failure. An ugly, seven letter word that nobody ever wants to hear. We have been so programmed to avoid failure at all costs, that we have begun to fear it. Some have such a crushing fear of failure, that instead of spending their life chasing their dreams, they spend their life running from failure. 

In general, we are not reminded often enough that sometimes what seems to be the biggest failure can still lead to greatness. Even in the case that failure is not immediately succeeded by something great, failure is an essential part of life. Everybody fails! You are not alone in the endeavors of life that did not end the way you wished they did. 

So it’s time to suck it up and get over it; and yes, I am talking to myself too. It is time to accept failure wholeheartedly, knowing that it is leading you towards something better, or towards a completely different opportunity. Cast off the thoughts of others, or those expectations that have been placed upon you. It’s unfair for any human being to place expectations of perfection upon you when they themselves could never be perfect. 

If you are struggling with failure, and the disappointment that comes with it, you are not alone. In reality, you’ve become a member of a club full of people around the world, who are all failing. And while you don’t have to do a full 180, and start believing that failure is a positive, you should begin to rewrite the narrative surrounding failure; for yourself and those around you. 

Then “failure” becomes a seven letter word that means progress. Growth. Potential. It should be something we no longer fear, but something we can accept. 

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