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A Process Not So Complex

  15.05.2020   WebPulse   Adrian   No comments

Posted by ADRIAN Brainstorming Just like most designers, I reach for my pen and pad before tracking the direction of my mouse. Doodling is what sparks the creativeness; honestly, it

5 Tips For Creating Graphics For Websites

  1.06.2019   WebPulse   Julio   No comments

Posted by Julio Creating graphics can be a daunting task for anyone just starting out in the world of web design. The graphics are very important to the success of

My Top 3 Favorite Things About Being A Graphic Designer

  15.10.2018   WebPulse   Bailey   No comments

Posted by Bailey Choosing a college major can be daunting. Many students go back and forth between majors a few times before deciding on what they want to do with

Graphic Design And Music

  30.03.2018   WebPulse   Bailey   No comments

Posted by Bailey Growing up, my friends were all musicians. Imagine being the only one who wasn’t a musician. I was always jealous of their talent, but I got to

Graphic Design and the Gestalt Principles of Grouping

  15.09.2017   WebPulse   Julio   No comments

Posted by Julio Gestalt is a psychology term which means “unified whole”. It refers to theories of visual perception developed by German psychologists in the 1920s. These theories attempt to

10 Typography Sins To Avoid When Designing

  15.05.2017   WebPulse   Julio   2 Comments

Posted by Julio As a designer, one of the most tedious things to work with can be typography. A design can either be made or broken depending on the typography.