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Let’s Start Embracing the Unexpected

Posted on: November 23, 2021
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Posted by Marley

Uncertainty is SUCH a scary noun, especially when you try something new, or turn the corner and have no idea what is there to surprise you. For example, is it a cute fluffy kitten or an axe murderer? An exciting new job opportunity or possibly the worst job you’ll ever have in your life? A date with a cute new person or an incredibly boring night and free dinner? YOU DON’T KNOW! That is exactly what makes it such an unbearably awful feeling.

But here’s the rub — uncertainty is a huge part of life, and that is because as much as we may want to think so, we can never know everything. What may look like a cute fluffy kitten could actually be someone’s feral cat sent to attack you. What seems to be the most boring and dreadful office job anyone could ever have may actually lead to some incredible professional connections that elevate your resume and help push you to the next level. A super boring first date could lead to the best second date of your life. So moving forward, we should all start searching for the best in every horribly surprising twist and turn of life! Think of uncertainty as a glass-half-full!

Moving to a scary new city where you don’t know anyone? NO! Glass half full remember? Think of this scary new uncertainty as moving to a wonderful new place with an abundance of new people to meet and learn to love, and an opportunity to create new habits and expectations surrounding your life. When you start to consider that uncertainty isn’t entirely a negative thing, life starts looking up!

Sounds great, right?! But is it even possible? Yes. Science says so.

Realistically, the social psychology of fearing the unknown has been studied since the 1900s and has roots in the fact that our brains are naturally hardwired to HATE uncertainty. The part of our brain that releases dopamine to “reward” us for pleasurable behaviors actually releases the happy chemical when avoiding punishment and negative consequences, which then encourages us to avoid anything of which we are unsure of the potential outcome.

So yeah… being scared of the uncertain is a natural reaction and leaning head-on into a new challenge, change, or consequence can be absolutely terrifying because our instinct argues otherwise… but that does not mean you shouldn’t try!

How, you ask? We can try our hardest to rewire our thought processes and eliminate the connection and association between fear and the unknown! In fact, if we can change our way of thinking in a positive and open-minded direction, we can’t help but empower ourselves for the better.

Take chances and make changes like tomorrow is not promised. If there is an element of your life that isn’t fulfilling you, take the steps to figure out how to make it fulfilling–and do it. When you are old and grey and wrinkly (and maybe a little smelly — let’s be real) are you really going to look back on your life and be like “WOW! I am so glad I stuck around at that job I hated for 10 years because I was so terrified of change I couldn’t leave?”

NO! I truly don’t think so. And this message, as hard of a pill as it is to swallow, does not just apply to your life. It applies to your brand and its long-term success too. We’re all about the life lessons that are just as professionally beneficial as they are personal!

When was the last time you changed your logo? Updated your website? Took a look at your values to ensure that they matter to your team? If it’s been a long time, we don’t judge!

We know how hard it can be when you love a concept that has been with you since the beginning and don’t want to let it go, or be honest with yourself on how your team is feeling. We have had old Pulse websites that are so near and dear to our hearts. But they can only last so long! Plus, since we’re changemakers, we understand that growth and learning are a part of the process of improving both ourselves and the company.

Marketing — as incredible as we can make it look — is not evergreen. Trends ebb and flow, businesses cycle, and what was once fresh and new and cutting edge will one day be out of date and difficult to navigate.

Sometimes – it can be time to break up with your old branding. A new logo could catch people’s eyes and get more clicks on your Facebook ads. A brand new landing page and a website update to match could get you more sales and clients. User engagement depends on them! You can’t expect to execute the same action over and over and expect different results. There needs to be intentional change that comes from a well-informed place, and not just hoping for the best.

Yes… it is scary to change. Because who knows what could happen? What if your loyal customers don’t like your new logo? What if your new website doesn’t feel that same? You can have all the concerns in the world. But that’s what we’re here for as your number one support system in marketing and advertising services!

We will guide you through every step of the process. We will help your loyal customers or clients get used to your new logo before anything is ever switched out; what an audience remembers most is the heart of your messaging and how it’s communicated. We ensure that your new website captures your sparkle and essence in a way that nothing else ever has; our expert and certified team knows the ins and outs of what works best and what doesn’t.

So let’s shake things up a little. Make some big changes or small ones. From one terrified-of-change human being to another – you can do it! We promise!

Ready to get started on that website refresh? Contact us. We know a little about change!


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